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How to Thicken Hair Naturally

Thickening natural hair, is the dream of many people. However, many hair treatments offered often cause us to need to spend more deeply. Actually, it doesn’t always need to be expensive to thicken your hair. There are natural ways to thicken hair that you can do at home.

For those of you who have thin hair, there are many ways to thicken hair that can be done. Factors that affect the thickness of each person’s hair are diverse, ranging from heredity, insufficient nutrition, inadequate hair care, use of chemical products to the use of hair styling tools can affect the thickness of the hair.

how to thicken hair naturally

For her hair was thin and want to have thick hair, you do not need to spend big. You can thicken your hair naturally with keeping the intake and do home care with ingredients that we often come across.

Hair care at home

The following treatments that you can do to thicken your hair naturally using easy ingredients we encounter everyday, like:

Coconut oil and olive oil

Use olive or coconut oil as a hair mask. Here’s how easy enough, pour the oil to taste into the Palm of the hand and apply to the hair evenly. Give a massage gently so that the nutrients contained in olive or coconut oil can be absorbed properly. After that, cover the hair using a head wrap or a shower cap for at least 15 minutes or more.

Aloe Vera

Make use Aloe Vera gel as a mask can also be done. Apply Aloe Vera gel colored nodes to the scalp and hair evenly. Let stand for 1 hour then rinse with shampoo to clean.


In addition to consumption, eggs can also be used was labelled an hair mask. How, combine uncooked 1 egg with olive oil and apply to the scalp and hair evenly. Leave on for 1 hour and shampoo to clean.


Squeeze of lemon, take water and apply lemon juice to your scalp evenly. Let sit for 15 minutes, before being washed clean.

Red onion

Despite having a sharp, red onion can also be used as a mask. You just need to fine-tune the onion to taste and take water or cider. Then, apply it to the scalp and let stand for 15 minutes before rinsing to use shampoo. But some people may have a surface more sensitive scalp, so that when it feels uncomfortable or painful, immediately rinse until clean.

Supported Balanced Nutrition

In addition to doing the above treatments, how to thicken your hair naturally needs to be supported by a balanced diet with nutrients. The main composition of hair is keratin a protein with a layer of melanin on the inside that provide natural color on the hair. That’s why one of the factors that determine the health of the hair is protein, and set up the diet, will greatly help to full-fill the needs of protein intake for the body, in this case especially the hair.

To meet the needs of protein, you can eat eggs, salmon, chicken breast meat, and soy. In addition, you can also combine nuts and seeds with rice, corn or wheat to maximize the intake of amino acid for the production of keratin.

Carbohydrate deficiency can cause hair loss. To meet the needs of carbs you can eat red rice, bread, cereals and whole wheat pasta from.

Omega-3 fatty acids is one of the nutrients that affect the health of the hair. This type of fat found in the cell membrane of the scalp and produces oil that keeps scalp and hair still damp. One source of omega-3 fatty acid that is fish oil.

In General, all kinds of vitamins and minerals is very important for the health of the hair and the body. Group B vitamins, especially vitamin B7 or biotin, is one of the intake is important for hair. This vitamin deficiency can cause brittle hair or loss. Sources of biotin include cheese, yogurt, eggs, cereal and chicken.

The mineral zinc deficiency may cause dry scalp and peeling, as well as hair loss. To meet the needs of zinc by eating eggs, beef, shellfish or red beans.

Tips for Avoiding Hair grew Thin

To obtain a healthy thick hair, there are several things you can do include:

Choose the right shampoo

Avoid hair products that contain chemicals that damage hair follicles and make the hair dry, such as products containing sulfates. In addition to paying attention to the content of the material, be sure to also shampoo is used according to the type of hair.

Avoid washing your hair too often

Do wash at least once a day because 2-3 washing your hair too often can cause brittle hair or branched. For those of you who have dry hair, it is advisable to limit the distance of time shampooing properly. In order for the hair humidity maintained his post wash with shampoo, don’t forget to use a conditioner afterwards.

Drying hair with towel

Rub the wet hair using a towel is a habit that should be avoided. The reason, this habit will only make hair become damaged and become thinner.

Limit the use of electronic tools in your hair

Limit the use of hair dryers (hair dryer), a hair straightener or curling iron. For, the use of too often can trigger hair breakage and hair can become brittle.

Protect from sunlight

Not only skin, hair should also be protected from exposure to direct sunlight so that the hair is not dull and damaged. Therefore it is recommended to use the CAP when the old activity will be outdoors, under the blazing sun.

Manage stress well

The release of the hormone due to excessive stress can cause hair loss and thin makin. Manage stress and do scalp treatments, as well as doing exercise to improve mood, so it can take off the stress.

Use multivitamin supplements if necessary.

You can consume supplements containing omega-3 fatty acids, omega-6, biotin, vitamin C, and zinc (zinc) in order to keep hair healthy.

To obtain a healthy thick hair, it is important to apply how to thicken hair and compensate with a balanced nutritional intake. In case of damage to the hair, consult a dermatologist to obtain the best solution.

How to Overcome Hair Loss

Hair loss can be a big problem, either for women or men, because it is related to appearance and confidence. Check out what are the causes of hair loss and also how to deal with it here.

Hair loss that occurs constantly can cause baldness to lose confidence. This condition can be caused by many different factors. Therefore, it is important to find out causes of hair loss so that it can be resolved as soon as possible with the right way.

how to fix hair loss naturally

Causes Of Hair Loss

Normally, the hair will fall approximately 50-100 strands each day. When concerned with the large number of hair loss every day, you can do a simple test to find out whether the loss is normal or not.

Try to pull the hair with a hand slowly from the roots to the ends of the hair. If the hair loss is not more than 10 strands, then it is still considered normal.

If the test result is abnormal, felt hair getting thinner, or embossed pitak, immediately consult to a dermatologist to find out the cause. The following are some of the conditions that can cause hair loss:

  1. Cosmetic products, such as hair dye.
  2. Habits that can damage the hair shampooing too often, for example, using a blow dryer, or tying the hair.
  3. Genetic factors, which are more often derived in men. This condition is called androgenetic alopecia.
  4. Hormonal changes, for example in women after childbirth or menopause.
  5. Weight dropped drastically.
  6. Heavy stress.
  7. Drugs, such as chemotherapy, medication for depression, a drug for high blood type inhibitor of beta, birth control pills, and anti-inflammatory drugs are a type of corticosteroid.
  8. Disease, such as infection of the scalp, lupus, anemia, diabetes, thyroid disease, and syphilis.
  9. Trichotillomania, is a psychological disorder in which the sufferer has a habit of picking off the hair.

Because of the myriad causes of hair loss, when you saw yourself, the doctor will inquire in detail about the complaints, diseases that have ever suffered, as well as conducting examination especially on parts that are experiencing loss. In some cases, laboratory examination may be required.

How To Fix Hair Loss Naturally

In coping with hair loss, it is important to know first cause, so that responses can be customized.

Hair loss in pregnant women will return to normal in the 3-4 months. If the cause is a cosmetic products or drugs, the most appropriate step that needs to be done is to discontinue using a minimum of 3 months. Discuss again with the doctor about the benefits and risks of medicines that already regularly consumed.

If hair loss is caused by a disease, then the treatment of diseases is the main one. In patients chemotherapy, hair loss will grow back in time 6-12 months after chemotherapy.

To overcome baldness due to heredity, the doctor can provide fluid minoxidil which is used directly on the scalp or tablet finasteride. Laser therapy supposedly can make the hair more dense, but still needed further research about the long-term benefits.

If it is already happening baldness permanently, a wig or toupee can be used to cover it. In addition, it can also do hair transplants or hair transplanting.

You need to remember, hair loss doesn’t just affect your appearance, but it could also be a sign of the presence of a disease. Therefore, we recommend that you consult with a physician if you experience hair loss started worrying.