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Definition of Illustration and Drawing Steps

Understanding Pictures Illustrations are the results of writing in the form of paintings, drawings, photography or other fine art techniques that prioritize the relationship of the subject to the intended writing compared to the shape.

The purpose of the illustration is to clarify, strengthen, beautify, enrich, reinforce, decorate or explain a story, poetry, writing, or other writing. The hope is by using visual aids media, the writing is more easily digested.

A good illustration is an illustration that can help and stimulate the reader to imagine the story. Illustration is quite helpful in understanding narration and developing imagination.

In addition to functioning in reviving a story, illustration images also function to give a shadow to each character in a story. Including the following:

  • Provide a shadow of work steps.
  • Give a shadow of the shape of the tool used in scientific writing.
  • Connect writing with individuality and human creativity.
  • Communicate the story.
  • Can explain the concept conveyed.
  • Provide humor to produce boredom.

the shape of an illustration object can be a picture of humans, plants and animals. These images can stand alone or can be a combination of different objects. The object of an image is adjusted to the narrative or theme that has been created. Illustrated images can only use black or white.

In making illustrations, you can use digital technology or use hand painting. In making illustrations, you can also use forms in the form of cartoons, caricatures, comics, pictorial stories or literary works in the form of poems or poems.

Steps to draw illustrations

ideas that are materials that must be illustrated. After getting the idea, then select and make sure the scene to be drawn, know the characters, the atmosphere, then make sure and specify the style and media to be used.


The initial drawing process is to create an image design or often called a sketch. The banners can use the media to be used as well as with colored pencils. The idea is then poured together with the process of stamping. Plan your pictures best.

Make the doodles look like the layout and movement that happens, then put together all the elements of the planned picture, give details so that it becomes more perfect. No less important is to give a predetermined pattern. Each element is cultivated the same, so it does not seem to collase.


After completing the stamp, the next step is mewarni. Coloring in drawing expressions can be done with two patterns, the realist and non-realistic patterns (Impressionism, Expressionism, Abstractism and others).

In realistic pattern coloring must be in line with existing reality, while the coloration of the non realistically can be implemented freely and not bound to the reality.

Illustration Illustration Media
Black and white media

In the past, many people were drawing illustrations using the trekpen as a tool used, while the coloring was using ink tubes. Trekpen is easy enough to use so much to use.

Along with the development of technology, there are many more easy-to-use trekpen replacements, namely using markers, pens, rapido and even computers or printing.

Coloring Media


According to the language, watercolor means the substance or element used as an object dye by water. According to its nature, watercolor is divided into two kinds, namely transparant water color and non transparant / opaque water color.

Colour pencil

These types of pencils contain candles. Usually many have color variations. The difficulty of using color pencils is adjusted to the quality of the pencil. the better the quality, the easier it will be to use, and vice versa.

Miscellaneous Illustrated Figures

The comic’s origin is comic meaning joke or funny. In a comic presentation use a series of drawings which between one and the other one complement each other and contain a story or often called comic strip.


Cover is the cover or skin of a book in a magazine or book. The image on the cover represents or contains the contents of a book or magazine. Usually in the magazine or newspaper section there is a picture (vignette) before and after the writing is complete.

Vignette has the function of filling in columns and decorating blank pages in magazines and newspapers.

Illustration of Literary Works

By using illustrations, various types of short stories and pictorial stories will be interesting. In addition, illustrations also make people more interested in reading them.

Figure Illustration

Realists mean that images are made in accordance with real or actual conditions, both anatomy and proportions that are made equal in accordance with objects painted or drawn.


Caricature is from Italian, which is Caricature, which means exaggerating or deforming. Images on caricatures show someone’s objects with funny and weird characters that contain satire and criticism.


Cartoon is an image that has an entertainment function, because it contains humor. cartoon images can be human or animal images. William Hogart is a figure who is often known as the Father of Modern Cartoons.

The famous cartoonists in Indonesia are Hari Pede, Itos Budi Santoso, Gunawan Raharjo, Itos Budi Santoso and others.

Decorative Pictures

Decorative images can be realized by means of stabilizing or changing the forms that exist in nature without leaving its trademark. Decorative patterns are patterns that are often encountered, especially in the house.

Main Element Figure Illustration
Human Pictures

To be able to draw good human figures, we must master and know the proportions and anatomy of the human body. The proportion means the comparison of parts per part with the whole.

While Anatomy is the position and structure of bones and muscles that affect large, small, convex and hollowed out shape of the human body, so that the overall body shape can be determined.

Pictures of Animal Figures

In drawing animal figures also need to be considered Anatomy and its prospects. The shape and type of animals can be grouped into water, land and air animals.

Plant Pictures

Drawing plants can be divided into two ways, namely in full and in a simple way. For example plants are not drawn in detail, but only in the form of a plant impression. While drawing in full the plants in the picture carefully and detail the parts.