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Shame Because The Bald Head? Try Hair Transplants

Pattern baldness in men is the most common type of hair loss experienced by men. This bald head can be addressed in several ways, one of them through hair transplant surgery.

Pattern baldness or baldness in men could begin in adolescence, but this baldness occur more frequently on a grown man along with increasing age. Genetic factors play a big role in baldness in men. Generally, hair loss and baldness takes 15-25 years.

However, did you know, actually the women also are at risk of experiencing baldness? About 1/3 women experience hair loss to baldness, especially after menopause. From the social aspect, baldness in women often give more impact. However, there are some steps you can take to prevent cope with baldness is experienced, among them using the help of doctors, treatment and hair transplant procedures.

hair transplants

Hair Transplant Procedure

One way to overcome the bald head is with hair transplantation. How, the hair from the scalp area with active growth moved into the area and planted a scalp hair thinning or baldness.

To perform the transplant, as initial steps a doctor will cleanse the scalp. Then the drug is injected into the scalp area which will be appointed for the subject of grafts. The scalp and then lifted and set aside, then pop closed again by means of the area will be sewn, hidden by the surrounding hairs.

Next surgeons split the columns of skin that will be planted at the head of the other being the 500-2000 sections, with each section has a few strands of hair. The number and types of grafts are used depending on the type, quality, and color of the hair. The size of the areas of the scalp that will also be the basis of determination of the transplanted grafts.

After the hair grafts are ready, the surgeon will come back clean and prepare the location of hair that will be planted. The doctor will make a hole in accordance with the number of grafts are made with a scalpel or needle. Then the hair grafts will be planted in the holes carefully.

Operation transplant the hair takes approximately 4-8 hours. Transplant hair may be repeated if area wide growing baldness or if patients want a thicker hair.

Healing Time After Surgery

After the procedure is done, the scalp is very likely to be gently wrapped kassa during one or two days. Patients will be given the possibility of retaining drugs pain, antibiotics and/or drugs a bitter taste (anti-inflammatory) for a few days. Most patients can return to work two to five days after surgery.

Within two to three weeks after surgery, hair transplants are going to fall out. The new hair will grow about three months later. For most people, 60 percent of new hair growth will be reached after six to nine months after the operation. To increase hair growth, doctors may prescribe the drug minoxidil will after transplantation.
Side Effects Of Transplantation

Like other surgical procedures, hair transplantation as a means of overcoming the bald head, did not escape the risk of side effects. Some risk of side effects of hair transplant are bleeding, infection, scarring, and the emergence of new hair growth that is not reasonable.

Some people even experience the folliculitis, i.e., an infection or inflammation of the hair follicles, while new hair begins to grow. These minor side effects can be cured with antibiotics and compress.

Other complications that may be experienced is a shock, a condition in which the hair that grows in the area of transplantation is suddenly missing. Fortunately, this is temporary hair loss and hair can grow back.

To minimize the risk and increase the success of overcome baldness with hair transplant, then the procedure should be performed when the patient is in a healthy state. Discuss the benefits and risks of this procedure with your doctor. Consider also the cost needed for hair transplant procedure, because it generally must be issued as personal expenses.