The Symptoms Of Hair Loss

The symptoms for each type of hair loss. Some are just attacking the hair on the head and some were attacked in other parts of the body hair.

Men over the age of 35 years are generally experiencing hair loss. It has a specific pattern baldness, that hairline shifts up and tend to form the letter M, as well as thinning hair at the Crown and sides of the head.

In women, hair loss generally happens due to age and hormonal changes. The impact is clearly visible after they went through menopause. But the pattern of thinning hair women usually only occur at the top of the head. The hair that grows is also thinner and shorter.

If you are undergoing chemotherapy, hair loss will usually have an impact, including the scalp, face, and body. But most are not permanent and the hair can usually grows back after a few months stop undergoing chemotherapy

There is also hair loss that forms a bald spot. In the case of skin growing place, bald spot hair usually itch or even stung before hair loss. In addition to occur on the scalp, the hair is also sometimes appears on the face, for example eyebrows.

You can also experience hair thinning dramatically because suddenly experienced a severe loss. This is usually caused by psychological or physical pressure and occur suddenly, for example due to stress or after undergoing major surgery.

If you are experiencing hair loss that appears suddenly with the amount that is more than usual, it is advisable to contact a doctor immediately because it was feared there was a disease that became a cause.

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